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Bleeding patient denied treatment for dressing at Withernsea Hospital
    By Nicola Watson  

Councillor calls for CCG to review Withernsea 8 to 8 services access

A WITHERNSEA resident has spoken of her frustration at being told there are no facilities at Withernsea Hospital when she asked for an appointment for a dressing.

The resident recently underwent day surgery for breast cancer and when it began to bleed on Sunday, it needed to be dressed.

She tried to call the hospital where the surgery took place, but there was no answer.

The resident then called 111 who said the GP would call back in an hour. Four hours later a GP in Hedon called and asked the resident to go to Beverley.

The resident told the Gazette: “I can’t drive after surgery and my husband doesn’t drive. I asked if I could go to Withernsea Hospital and I was told there is nothing in Withernsea, that there were no facilities to assist me, I was so frustrated I can’t tell you.”

The resident claims she was then advised to go to Withernsea’s GP surgery the following morning.

The resident said: “After I explained that I had called 111 the receptionist said they don’t do walkins but arranged an appointment for me and I was seen.

It wasn’t an emergency, but it would’ve been nice to be able to walk to our own hospital for a dressing that I needed. I was so angry. This has caused added anguish which I don’t need.”

The resident added: “On a sign at the hospital it says 8 to 8 by appointment, we went on Sunday at 4pm and it was closed. There is a perfectly good hospital there. We should be able to use it as it was intended. The councillors need to be aware. When people just need a bit of help, all you want is assistance and you can’t get it.”
The resident has since been in contact with East Riding of Yorkshire Ward Councillor Lyn Healing.

Cllr Healing said she is still receiving complaints from residents, 17 months since the service changed to an 8 to 8 centre under the East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Cllr Healing said: “I find it totally deplorable the lady in question was unable to access our hospital for a dressing and equally disturbing that a GP has stated there is nothing here in Withernsea and directed her to Beverley. I believe the CCG must carry out a review of exactly what residents can access or should have access to and stop directing our residents to Beverley or even further afield particularly for dressings.

The system currently being used is not working and is only causing distress and difficulty to our residents.”

Tracey Craggs, director of integrated commissioning and transformation at the East Riding of Yorkshire CCG said: “Following surgery, hospital wards each have their own discharge information that is given to patients, relevant to the type of surgery and the follow up that is required for that procedure.

“The 8 to 8 centre at Withernsea Hospital provides predominantly planned care clinics, however the centre does provide a limited service for a small number of low level minor injuries as directed by the NHS 111 service. This service is only accessible by telephoning NHS111, where the patient will be directed towards the most appropriate service for them based on the symptoms they describe.

“NHS111 professionals and GPs will only direct patients to a service clinically appropriate for the condition that has been described, as other services will not meet the patient’s needs. We are confident patients are being seen locally in the 8 to 8 centre as clinically appropriate based on their individual minor injury needs.”

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