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Protesters demand debate

BIG BEAGLE: A giant beagle leads silent walkers in Grimston

  By Gina Hobbs  

AROUND 300 people attended a gathering near the controversial dog breeding facility at Grimston, near Aldbrough, last Sunday. Some took dogs but walked in silence through the village to the gates of B & K Universal’s field station.
The event was designed to highlight the use of animals for medical research and call for a national debate on the issue. It was sparked by the decision by the Secretary of State for Communities Greg Clark’s decision to overturn East Riding Council’s decision to refuse Bantin and Kingman - B & K Universal to replace four kennels with a large single unit at its
Grimston base. A giant beagle mascot featured at the centre of the gathering which campaigners said was not a march or demonstration.
Afterwards Deborah Minns, spokesperson for Oppose B & K Universal, said: “It was a quiet and peaceful gathering everyone walked to the gates of B & K. It was so quiet you could hear the dogs barking where we stood. People came because they wanted to know more.” Campaigner Alex Irving, director of Speaking of Human Based Research, addressed the group and called for a national debate. Campaigners want the government’s chief scientific adviser, Sir Mark Walport, to face his medical opposition represented by Dr Ray Greek in a
public debate.
B & K Universal spokesman David Gatehouse said: “The outcome of the appeal is fair and actually shows that the Secretary of State supports our planning application - just as the professional council planning officers did when they recommended approval to their own planning committee back in November 2013.
“When the decision was taken by the Secretary of State to have the final say, our opponents greeted the news with delight. We took this as an indication that they would accept the eventual verdict and undertook to do so ourselves.”

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