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Social media ‘Pride’ post row escalates

A HORNSEA volunteer has been left saddened and disappointed after what he describes as a ‘homophobic stream’ on the Hornsea Rant Facebook page.

A post placed on the site on the afternoon of Sunday, August 4, asked: “Is anybody interested in joining my straight pride march next year.”

Christopher Clark, a volunteer crewman for Hornsea Inshore Rescue, who also organises the annual live advent calendar event in the town, told The Gazette: “No one is taking it seriously. I wonder if it will take a gay bashing in the town one weekend to make locals stand up and think about this.”

Mr Clark has confirmed he will no longer be running the live advent calendar event and has posted on social media to ask if someone will take it over.

He added: “They can have their straight pride instead. Being told it’s a joke or to lighten up is just another way of saying your voice or feelings don’t count.”

He has left Hornsea Rant Facebook group and has reported Hornsea Rant to Facebook.

A few comments on the post also highlighted it had caused offence.

One post from Matthew Sinar said: “The comments on here, such as ‘they’ve got more rights than straight people nowadays’ and ‘bit concerned in case they make it compulsory’ demonstrate a lack of basic understanding and prove just how frequent discrimination against LGBTQ+ people is, even in our fairly tolerant country.”

Pride is an annual celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender people. It aims to celebrate diverse sexualities and genders and promote selfaffirmation, dignity, equality rights and increase visibility as a social group. Hull Pride was held last month and it has its own website which says: “We make Pride in Hull happen because we love it and we’ve seen first-hand the effects it has on individuals and the community.” Hull Pride also has the support of a number of high-profile sponsors.

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